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  • 3 hours 16 min
    Serena joins George at the timber camp and quickly fits in. There are a few bumps in the honeymoon phase of their marriage,...
  • My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn
    4 hours 4 min
    In My Life Directed, Corfixen opens the audience’s eyes as to why the components of Only God Forgives didn’t come together...
  • Focus Poster
    4 hours 57 min
    While Ficarra and Requa do an entertaining job at directing their action, the two run into obstacles when it comes to...
  • What We Do in the Shadows
    21 hours 6 min
    While Petyr sleeps in late (into the night) in his stone coffin, the other three have a flat meeting in the kitchen,...
  • The Lazarus Effect
    22 hours 7 min
    Although there are a lot of literary and biblical references being thrown around in The Lazarus Effect, the movie is...

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