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  • And So It Goes Movie Poster
    4 days 16 hours
    Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton are two talented actors who can do the best job they can despite the short comings that the...
  • Ragnarok
    5 days 1 hour
    Ragnarok is like National Treasure with Norwegian flair. In a way, Sigurd is just a younger, but just as passionate, version...
  • 6 days 18 hours
    Luckily once the makeup comes off, Firth’s Stanley is a gloriously funny, narcissistic jerk, as if Sterling Archer had...
  • 6 days 21 hours
    There are many ideas swirling around inside the tight, 89-minute long Lucy, but it never finds a thorough line in what kind...
  • I Origins
    1 week 1 day
    Through a series of coincidental sequences of the number eleven, Ian happens to find a billboard featuring her eyes...

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