Movie Trailer Release for AwesomenessTV’s SMOSH: The Movie

by on June 13, 2015

smosh: the movie

YouTube personalities, Ian and Anthony (creators of SMOSH), are coming to you in their new film SMOSH: The Movie!

Ian and Anthony star as two lifelong best friends that just had an extremely embarrassing video surface right before their high school reunion. In order to stop it before Anthony’s high school crush, Anna (Jillian Nelson), see it, they must go inside the universe of YouTube to try and rewrite history. Along their journey, they have the chance of running into famous YouTubers such as the amazing Jenna Marbles. But with all of these distractions, will they be able to change history, and prevent Anna from seeing the humiliating video? We will just have to wait and see!

In SMOSH: The Movie viewers will be able to venture deeper into YouTube and explore unrated cuts and plenty of outrageous bonus content featuring Ian and Anthony. Just as well, viewers will be able to see features on the other actors in the movie such as Steve Austin, Jenna Marbles, and Michael Ian Black.

SMOSH: The Movie will not be available until July 24th, 2015, however, it is currently available for pre-order on SmoshTheMovie.com, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon. You can also visit SmoshTheMovie.com to get tickets to the World Premiere on July 22nd, 2015 in Los Angeles, or for the Pre-Screening on July 23rd, 2015 in Anaheim.

This movie is under the direction of Alex Winter, and stars Ian Andrew Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Steve Austin, Michael Ian Black, Grace Helbig, and Jenna Marbles. YouTuber Shane Dawson will be making a special appearance as well!