Netflix Acquires Two New Films Including Bob Odenkirk Comedy

by on November 23, 2015

With their recent release Beasts of No Nation, Netflix has been pushing back against the theater chains and the usual way films get released. The streaming service looks to continue this strategy with its pair of recent acquisitions.

The first, titled Girlfriend’s Day, stars Bob Odenkirk as a greeting card writer accused of murder. It has been described as a noir-comedy. The film will be directed by Michael Stephenson and was co-written by Odenkirk. The comedian’s newest show W/ Bob & David, a sketch show with David Cross, recently premiered on Netflix on November 13th, so it’s good to see the relationship between the two continue.

Netflix also purchased the thriller Mercy. It focuses on four brothers returning home to see their dying mother only to be trapped in a home invasion scenario. The big name attached to this is Chris Sparling who wrote the Ryan Reynolds film Buried back in 2010. Sparling wrote and will direct Mercy.

As hinted at earlier, Netflix plans to release both films in 2016. They’ll debut simultaneously on the service as well as in theaters. When it took this strategy with Beasts of No Nation, it avoided larger theater chains like Regal and AMC, so it’ll be interesting to see if those companies turn around to the idea. It isn’t likely as the method cuts into revenues, but it seems like an inevitability at this point. As Netflix continues to gain more influence in the industry, the day will come when theaters will regret missing out on the newest film from the company.