Noah not a Blessing to Faith-Based Audience

Religious marketing group not praising Noah or other religious films.

The term "Hollywood treatment" refers to how movies with true stories are spun to be produced into blockbuster films. That treatment isn't always what needs to be prescribed for some films, particularly Biblical films. According to Variety, religious audiences are not feeling the spirit with Paramount's new film, Noah.

A survey was taken by the group Faith Driven Consumers and found that 98% of those surveyed were not okay with Hollywood's version of religious stories, which includes Noah. The movie, starring Russell Crowe is based on the Biblical story in which a man builds a boat known, the famous ark, and take takes two of every animal to escape the huge flood. Faith Driven Consumers says that Hollywood creates these movies in hope of appealing to audiences, but never questions whether or not the film stays with the meaning of its original story. 

"As a Faith driven consumer are you satisfied with a biblically themed movie - designed to appeal to you - which replaces the Bible's core message with one created by Hollywood?" the survey asked its participants.

Over 5,000 supporters took the survey over several days. Faith Driven Consumers are also the group that stood behind Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty after he was suspended from the TV show for his homophobic comments. 

It's pretty hard to really put the Hollywood spin on an age old story such as Noah's Ark. The script is practically written in the Bible, so it is unclear what actually has them riled up. Perhaps it is some of the elements in the storyline leading up to the big event. The group did not mention any of the other films and series such as this year's Son of God and last year's History Channel miniseries, The Bible.

Whatever the case, audiences will have to wait until March 28th to judge for themselves. 

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