Is The Red Skull Returning For Winter Soldier?

Evil Never Dies, And Neither Does The Red Skull
The Red Skull In Marvel Comics

The last time we saw the Red Skull was during the intense fight between himself and Captain America during the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. Then again we have no idea if he actually died, or instead was transported to Asgard and was never mentioned again. If you look at the video shown above, the end of the battle shows that the Red Skull was assimilated in some form from the Tesseract. Whatever your beliefs may be, recent news has speculated that the skull may actually be alive after all, and be returning for a terrible revenge in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Thanks to Comic-Con, we are able to get a sneak preview at the upcoming toys for Captain America: Winter Soldier. Shown below, we can see that there is an action figure for the Red Skull, as well as an A.I.M. Soldier. In case you did not know, A.I.M. and H.Y.D.R.A. joined forces in the Marvel Comics and united themselves under their merciless leader the Red Skull. This is interesting to hear because there were some easter eggs from Iron Man 3 that showed a possible development for A.I.M. for the future of the Marvel films. Does this mean that both A.I.M. and the Red Skull will appear in the upcoming film?

Something else that needs to be discussed is Robert Redford's role in the sequel for Captain America: The First Avenger. While it has been revealed that he would be playing S.H.E.I.L.D. agent Alexander Pierce, there have been rumors floating around that suggest that Redford could in fact be playing the Red Skull. This could be a possibility considering that Hugo Weaving has expressed no interest in returning for Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

Let's just hope and pray that the Red Skull is still alive and will return with a vengeance in Winter Soldier. If not, perhaps a cameo in a jail cell in Thor: The Dark World will sufice? We will have to wait and see when Captain America: Winter Soldier hits theaters in April 2014.

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Red Skull Toy For Captain America: Winter Soldier
The Red Skull In Marvel Comics