Robert Downey Jr. Wants Big Money to Reprise Iron Man Role

Will <b>MARVEL</b> Fork Over The Extra Cash For Him to Return?
Robert Downey Jr.

We all knew that Robert Downey Jr. was on the fence about being Iron Man again, but his asking price to come back is just plain ridiculous. revealed that not only does Downey Jr. want a higher portion of the box office proceeds, but he also wants $100 million dollars on top of that for his next portrayal of Tony Stark/Iron Man. Not only is $100 million dollars an exceedingly large amount of money, but asking for that much is also outright insanity. Then again, there are a few factors that Marvel Studios needs to consider if they want to just give away that much money.

First off, can The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3 be successful if Downey Jr. is not present? Considering that he was the main star of The Avengers, it would make sense that he could ask for that much money and get away with it. Another thing to note is that people may not be as excited about the next Avengers if Downey Jr. is a no show. 

Second, can Marvel afford to lose $100 million dollars for just one actor? Also is he even worth the money? The first Avengers movie cost about $250 million dollars and grossed over $1.5 billion. This left Marvel Studios with over $1.2 billion. So, if the next Avengers movie also costs $250 million, and Marvel forks over another $100 million just for Robert, that will leave less for Marvel and their new bosses, Disney, in the end.

Third, because it is very hard to distinguish Downey Jr. from Tony Stark at this point, it will be difficult to try to replace him. Marvel will have to think long and hard about the choice of replacing him because who else could do a better job? Sometimes when actors land a role, it defines them and becomes the perfect role. For Downey Jr., that role is being Tony Stark. 

Now that the actor has made his demands, the only question that remains is will Marvel Studios bend over backwards and give into them? We will have to wait and see how things play out in time.

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